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Tin (Feruchemy).svg
Power Increase sensses
Type Internal, Pulling, Physical
Misting Tineye
Power Store senses
Type Physical
Ferring Windwhisperer
Power Steal senses
Type Physical
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured in Mistborn (series)

Tin is the Internal Physical Pulling metal. An Allomancer burning tin has greatly enhanced senses. Feruchemists can use tin to store enhanced senses, and when used as a Hemalurgic spike, tin steals senses.

Allomantic Use[edit]

A tin Misting is known as a Tineye. Burning tin grants a Tineye increased sensitivity in all five senses.[1] Furthermore, due to Allomancy's origin with Preservation, they are able to see through the mists that cover Scadrial.[2] A Tineye can flare tin, causing a huge burst of sensory input, to clear their head from pain or exhaustion.[3] Tin will allow the Tineye to see in areas of low light, but does not allow the user to see in total darkness.[4]


If someone were able to burn the amount of tin needed to become an Allomantic savant with the metal, any normal light would become too bright for them. However, their other senses would become so attuned that they can feel and hear well enough to make up for the lack of vision. Since the body grows dependent on the metal, a Tineye savant could stop burning tin and could gain resistant to pain or other senses. Burning tin for long periods puts a lot of strain on the body and mind.[5][6][7]

Feruchemical Use[edit]

A tin Ferring is known as a Windwhisperer. Tin is used to store sensitivity of senses. One sense may be stored each in a tinmind.[1] Unlike an Allomancer burning tin, it does not allow a Windwhisperer to see things that would be otherwise unobservable; instead, it compounds the potency of their senses currently available.[8] While storing senses, those senses become weaker. For example, Sazed wore glasses while storing eyesight.[9]

Tapping sight causes the edge of the Windwhisperer's vision to blur, and sacrifices immediate field of vision in favor of a more distant, binocular view.[10] Tapping too much sight can induce nausea.[11] Storing sense of smell dilutes a Windwhisperer's sense of taste.[12]

It is possible for a Windwhisperer to store more than the five traditional senses in a tinmind.[13] An example of this would be the the ability to feel pain.[14] It is also possible to store Allomantically granted senses like bronze sense.[15]

Creatures with other senses can create tinminds for those senses as well as the standard five. For instance, a platypus Feruchemist could create an electric field sense tinmind.[16]

Hemalurgic Use[edit]

When used as a Hemalurgic spike, tin steals senses.[17]

Kandra Blessing[edit]

The kandra can use a pair of these spikes as a Blessing and call them the Blessing of Awareness.[17] Like all kandra Blessings, the Blessing gives the mistwraiths sentience, with the added benefit of heightened senses.


  • Brandon originally planned on giving the Allomantic powers of tin to silver, falsely assuming that pewter had a high quantity of silver.[18] After changing it, he was concerned that Vin's earring might be confusing, so it became 'silver coated'.[19]
  • In 2015, Brandon said that the Allomantic symbol for tin is also sometimes used to represent Allomancy in general because Dragonsteel Entertainment likes how it looks.[20]


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