Coup of Urteau

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Coup of Urteau
Part of the Skaa rebellion
Era New Empire
Participants Quellion, Spook, Sazed, Breeze
City Urteau
Dominance Northern Dominance
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

The Coup of Urteau was one of the major events on Scadrial between the end of the Final Empire and Sazed's ascension.

Quellion rules in Urteau since Straff Venture left to besiege Luthadel. Spook, Sazed and Breeze try to reason with Quellion, but decide to take him down instead. They attempt to incite a revolution, but discover that they have been playing into the hands of Ruin, who has been subtly influencing both Spook and Quellion via Hemalurgic Spikes. A fire breaks out, threatening to destroy the town, but Spook removes the spikes and floods the Canals, saving the city.[1]

Importance of Urteau[edit]

Urteau is of rather large importance as it used to be situated upon the canals, which means that the family Venture, who had ownership of the city, had control over every shipment of merchandise that needed to get to other cities (particularly, Luthadel). Since ships are one of the only ways to transport heavy merchandise at a reasonable speed, through taxes and other fees, the city has quickly risen to become one of the most important ones in the area.[citation needed] However, during the time of Quellion's rule, the canals are dried and used as roads, as places for merchants and beggars, and as a location for homeless skaa to spend the night.[2]

Even more importantly, Urteau is the location of one of the Lord Ruler's storage caches. It contains not only food, resources and equipment, but also information about electrum, one of the previously undiscovered metals.[3] The information left there also discusses the upcoming danger that Ruin represented.[citation needed] It is later discovered that the Lord Ruler redirected the canal's water to the city's storage cavern. This causes the canal to dry out but ensures a fresh water supply for the cavern.[citation needed]

These are reasons why Elend sent Spook to the city of Urteau to gauge the political climate.

Political climate of Urteau[edit]

With the collapse of the Final Empire, the people of Urteau followed the rebellion along with many cities. A skaa named Quellion takes the power of the city, and gives himself the title The Citizen.


History of Scadrial
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