Storage cavern

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Storage cavern
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

He knew, Vin ... The Lord Ruler. He suspected that this day would come - a day when the mists returned and food would be scarce. So, he prepared these supply depots.

—Elend on the storage caverns[1]

The storage caverns are five caches of supplies, left behind by the Lord Ruler, and hidden in caverns beneath certain cities in the Final Empire. Each one contains a metal plate giving the location of the next cavern, and provides some advice or information from the Lord Ruler. Every cache contains a large supply of food and grain, but each one also has its own specialty.

The first cavern discovered is beneath Luthadel itself.[2] The other caverns are in Statlin City,[2] Urteau,[3] Vetitan,[1] and Fadrex City[1] and discovered in this order.


Each cavern is in a rocky area, near metal mines, beneath a building of the Steel Ministry. The metal underground shields the caches from Ruin, to prevent him from discovering them.[4]
All caches are in or near the Central Dominance, with Luthadel's cavern in the center and the other four forming a box around it.[4]

Every discovered cache is bigger than the previous one.[1] The Lord Ruler started constructing them eight hundred years into his reign.[5]


The first cavern is discovered beneath Luthadel, hidden within Kredik Shaw.[2] Like all caches, it contains many shelves of canned food. A large metal plaque hangs on the wall, depicting a map of the Final Empire with a circle around Statlin City, the location of the next storage cavern.[2] A long tunnel leads from the storage cavern to a smaller room which holds the Well of Ascension.[6]

Kredik Shaw isn’t simply a palace, but a capstone. Built to hide something. This.

Vin upon discovering Luthadel's cache[2]

Statlin City[edit]

The second cavern is in Statlin City.[2] This cache contains large amounts of lumber, and a description of aluminum.[1]


The third cavern lies in Urteau.[4] Information on electrum can be found here.[1] This cache holds a massive amount of water which used to fill Urteau's canals,[7] and is filtered naturally by layers of rock.[8]


Vetitan is home to the fourth cavern.[4] Its metal plate reveals the existence of malatium, that koloss and kandra can be controlled by using strong emotional Allomancy, and that only one's thoughts are safe from Ruin.[1]

Fadrex City[edit]

The fifth and last cavern is situated in Fadrex City.[4] Notably, no useful information is left here, besides the Lord Ruler's words "I have hidden his body well",[5] referring to the atium, Ruin's godmetal, that is stored in the Trustwarren.[9]


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