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Dominance Southern Dominance
Nation Final Empire
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Hero of Ages

Vetitan was a small town in the Southern Dominance of Scadrial.[1]

After the Collapse, the local nobility left and the skaa population took over leadership. It contained about seven thousand people, which made it fairly large.[1]

Fatren and Druffel trained a small army of about two thousand soldiers to protect against press gangs.

The town was attacked by an army of ten thousand koloss. Elend and Vin helped protect the town, in exchange for access to the Lord Ruler's storage cache.[2][3] The specialty of the storage cache underneath it was that it contained large amounts of each of the 8 basic allomantic metals.[4] Like all towns with storage caches underneath them, the town was a mining town with local ore reserves and a sturdy cave system.[5]

It was evacuated and abandoned due to the Deepness.


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