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Siblings Druffel
Ethnicity Skaa
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Fatren was a skaa from Vetitan on Scadrial.[1]

After the lords of Vetitan left the town, Fatren had convinced the other skaa to keep working. He also held the press gangs away from Vetitan and didn't lose men capable to work to armies. His brother was Druffel whom he also called Druff.[1]

Vetitan was threatened by a coming koloss army. A short time before they reached Vetitan, Elend Venture came to the city, promising help but only if Fatren accepted him as his (and Vetitan's) emperor.

In the following battle, Elend took control over the koloss and saved most of Vetitan's people.[2] Later Vin and Elend inspected the storage cavern in Vetitan and then convinced Fatren and his people to give up their town and go along with Elend and his army[3], though Elend had told him that his people (as Elend's soldiers too) were forced to one time stay out in the mists to become inoculated. After this event Fatren was sad, but he understood that now they knew that the survivors would never be caught by the mists again. When Elend and his convoy met another part of his army, led by General Demoux, Elend sent soldiers to Luthadel and told Fatren and his people to join them.[4]


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