Siege of Fadrex City

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by Michael "Stickmouse" Howard
Vin and Elend's army marches on Fadrex City

The Siege of Fadrex City was one of the major events on Scadrial between the Collapse of the Final Empire and the ascension of Sazed.

The human and koloss armies of the New Empire under Emperor Elend Venture's command, besieged Fadrex City, the seat of Aradan Yomen's throne. Elend lead an army of thirty six thousand soldiers against twenty five thousand defenders. These armies have been assessed as nearly of the same strength, taking account of the strong defense fortification of Fadrex City. Elend also commanded twenty thousand koloss, which unbalanced the strength of the two armies.

After two weeks Yomen started the first attack on the army of the New Empire. It consisted of three small attacks, one coming from north and the second from south. Both were used as a distraction from the third one, taking place at the koloss camp. Eleven thousand koloss died under the fire of catapults or killing each other in bloodlust.

After this incident Elend asked to debate with Yomen. The conference resulted in Venture's wife Vin being taken hostage. Elend reacted by fighting a koloss army nearby Fadrex City and returning with twenty eight thousand koloss, which made his koloss army thirty seven thousand koloss strong.

Following the orders of Marsh, Yomen sent his army to the fields to battle the koloss army. Although Elend easily could have beaten the army he drew back, heeding the advice of his general, Hammond. This proved to be a good idea, since Ruin eventually took control over all the koloss in order to annihilate both the armies of Elend and Yomen.

As the koloss broke mad, Yomen decided to open his gates to let the army of Elend in. Meanwhile, Vin escaped from Fadrex City and travelled to Luthadel.

Ruin gathered a large koloss army in front of the city. In Fadrex City Elend began to understand the function of the mistfallen and realized that he now had a new army of five thousand Mistings. After this conclusion, Ruin ordered the attack on Fadrex.

After some hours of fighting the koloss suddenly ran away from the city, in the direction of Luthadel, where Vin took up the Shard Preservation.


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