Battle of Luthadel

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The Battle of Luthadel is a major event in the history of Scadrial. It is a battle following the Siege of Luthadel.


After the attack of Vin and Zane on Ashweather Cett's army, Cett decided to draw back. Consequently there were two of the three armies left: Straff Venture's army of fifty thousand soldiers and Jastes Lekal's army of twenty thousand koloss. Straff Venture decided to act on Zane's advice to draw back and wait for the right time to strike after the koloss have killed most of the inhabitants of Luthadel.

The city was now left with the koloss army. Each gate of Luthadel was manned with one thousand soldiers. The koloss gathered to the east of Luthadel and attacked in the morning.


The Tin Gate was the first to be attacked by the koloss, quickly followed by the Pewter and Zinc Gates. The latter was the first to break. The Steel Gate was strongly protected by Sazed, while the soldiers at the Tin Gate had to draw back early, which resulted in the koloss storming the city up to the Zinc Gate. Many soldiers drew back into the various keeps in the area. Up until sunset, Keep Lekal and Keep Venture had been stormed by the koloss. Thousands of soldiers gathered in Keep Hasting to protect King Penrod. Vin arrived at dusk.

Although Vin was able to cover the retreat of many soldiers she could not stop the koloss, who marched on to Keep Hasting. At that time, only five thousand soldiers of Luthadel were left to face the remaining twelve thousand koloss. Vin discovered that she could control koloss by burning brass, which enabled her to control the koloss army.

At dawn Vin gathered her koloss army and the army of Luthadel at the west of the city to face the army of Straff Venture. As they collided Vin immediately attacked and killed Straff. After that, Cett arrived with his army of forty thousand soldiers to support Luthadel.


Vin forced Penrod, Janarle (the last of Straff's officers), and Cett to submit to the New Empire.

The dead included Clubs, Dockson, and Tindwyl.


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