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Died 341 PC
Titles Constable-general
Profession Law enforcement
Residence Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

This isn't the Roughs. You think you can do anything you want? You think you can just pick up a gun and take the law into your own hands?

—Captain Brettin to Waxillium Ladrian[1]

Captain Brettin is the constable-general of the Fourth Octant constabulary precinct.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

I don't care who you are or how much money you have, this is a total mess you've created, sir.

—Captain Brettin to Wax after a Vanisher attack[1]

The constable is a terse man who brooks no intrusion by civilians into his investigations, police matters, or dangerous situations, such as firefights.[1] Even in the case of Lord Waxillium Ladrian, who successfully defeated the Vanishers in a gunfight without a single civillian casualty, Captain Brettin believed that Wax should not have involved himself. He shows serious concern about the safety of the citizens of Elendel and displays an awareness of the problems that the powerful can make in an investigation.

Brettin also holds himself with authority, willing to butt heads with other constables over questions of jurisdiction and ongoing investigations.[2] However, he seems to be argumentative and have something of a short temper.[1] As he gets angry, his face grows noticeably red.

Captain Brettin has a poor memory for names, and is constantly mixing people up.[2] Nothing is known about Brettin's appearance, although he presumably wore the brown uniform of a constable with a domelike hat.[1]


Several of the Vanisher robberies happened under Captain Brettin's watch.[1] He was under enormous pressure to capture the men responsible. Captain Brettin was one of the first responders to the attack on the Yomen-Ostlin wedding dinner by Miles Dagouter and the Vanishers. He debriefed Wax after the fight and told him to stay out of police business and stop undermining his authority.

Later Captain Brettin was tricked into letting the Vanisher prisoners be interrogated by Wayne, who was disguised as the fictional Captain Guffont Trenchant from the Seventh Octant.[2] Due to Wayne's use of a time bubble in the interrogation room, Brettin missed Wayne's conversation with the suspect and believed that Wayne had failed to gather any usable information.

Some time after this, Captain Brettin was killed in an unrelated matter. Harmony, seeing an opportunity, sent TenSoon, a kandra, to retrieve Brettin's corpse and impersonate him.[3] Tensoon did not have the opportunity to observe Brettin prior to his death, and so it was an imperfect impersonation. Those who knew Brettin could detect something off about him. TenSoon used Brettin's bones to submit a backdated request to the Senate for a citywide deputized forbearance for Wax.[4] This freed Wax from any charges incurred during his investigation of the Vanishers, as well as granted him powers of investigation and arrest. He informed Wax of this action after Wax and Marasi's final confrontation with Miles. Afterwards, Brettin, still being impersonated by TenSoon, retired soon after Miles' execution,[5] and presumably his bones were laid to rest.

Due to Brettin's early retirement, the position of constable-general was open.[5] A former constable named Claude Aradel was appointed to the position. Aradel had retired because he had reached the silent ceiling of promotions a non-noble could receive. As ten years had passed since Aradel's retirement, attitudes had changed and it was considered less important for a man to have noble blood to hold a powerful position.


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