Winsting Innate's auction

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Winsting Innate's auction is an event that occurred on Scadrial. It was an auction held by Winsting Innate to sell his senate vote to the highest bidder.


The auction was held at Winsting Innate's mansion and was ostensibly held to auction off a piece of art that Winsting had made. A significant segment of Elendel's criminal element was present at the auction, looking to buy influence in upcoming senate votes.

After the auction had gotten under way, gunfire rang out from various parts of the room, causing the attendees to start shooting at each other in the confusion. This gunfire was caused by Paalm, a mad kandra who used feruchemical steel to quickly move around the room and shoot key attendees. In the shootout that ensued, all of the attendees of the auction were killed.

Winsting found his way to a saferoom downstairs and put two guards at the door. He allowed his brother, Governor Replar Innate into the room, believing he could trust him. However, his brother was being impersonated by Paalm, who killed Winsting and the guards.


Wax, Wayne, Marasi, and the local constabulatory come to investigate the disturbance the next day. In looking over the scene, Wax determines that most of the attendees killed each other, but that key attendees were killed all at the same time by someone else. He also notes that Winsting was killed by someone inside the saferoom and that the guards were killed from behind. This leads the team to believe that a steelrunner might have been responsible.


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