Replar Innate

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Replar Innate
House Innate
Spouse Allri Innate
Siblings Winsting Innate
Died 342 PC
Titles Governor
Profession Governor of Elendel (former)
Religion The Path
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Replar Innate was the corrupt Governor of Elendel.[1] At some point before the events of Shadows of Self, he was murdered by the kandra Paalm and impersonated by her. Paalm used his noble likeness to sow unrest in the city's working class. When his brother Winsting Innate, a member of the Elendel senate, was killed in his own mansion by Paalm,[2] riots broke out in the already-tense streets of Elendel.

During the hunt for Paalm, Waxillium Ladrian forced her to abandon Innate's bones. MeLaan then took his bones and attempted to quell the riots in a speech in front of the Governor's Mansion. During the speech constable Claude Aradel placed the impersonated Innate under arrest for corruption.[3] MeLaan then staged a suicide of Innate while in jail.[4]

Innate was succeeded by Aradel as Elendel Governor.


Preceded by
Governor of Elendel
 ?-342 PC
Succeeded by
Claude Aradel
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