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Siblings Troalin
Relatives Slowswift
Residence Fadrex City
Ethnicity Skaa, Noble
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Hero of Ages

Aledin is a young noble from Fadrex City on Scadrial. He was the cousin of Slowswift and had a brother named Troalin. His widowed mother was executed for having a dalliance with a skaa servant.[1]


Slowswift quickly makes his cousins Aledin and Troalin available to Vin when she asks him for two men that he trusts.[2] They help Vin escape observation at a ball, concealing two of Aradan Yomen's spies that Vin knocked unconscious.[2] The two brothers were implicated in assisting Vin and briefly imprisoned, but were later released when Yomen and Elend Venture formed an alliance. They survived the Final Ascension and became distinguished leaders under Spook.[1]


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