House Lekal

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House Lekal
Type Family
World Scadrial
Era Final Empire
Books Mistborn (series)

House Lekal is a noble house on Scadrial.[1]


House Lekal had a wonderful Keep in Luthadel. Their ballroom was shaped like a pyramid with five platforms, one large one for dancing and four smaller ones for eating. House Lekal's nobles bragged that whilst other houses had larger stained glass windows, they had the most detailed ones.[2][expand]


House Lekal owns an estate in the south, but within the bounds of the New Empire.

After the fall of the Lord Ruler, Jastes Lekal crowned himself king of the estate. After his death, Audil was crowned as second. Acting as 'Chief Ambassador of the New Empire', Sazed and Breeze visited the estate, now called Lekal City, to force Audil's allegiance to Elend Venture.[3]

The estate and kingdom were destroyed by lava from an ashmount, most likely either Zerinah or Doriel.[4]


House Lekal is an enemy of house Venture. They are among the most economically stable Houses in Luthadel, though still weaker then Venture.[expand]


Members include Jastes, a friend of Elend Venture, and Audil.


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