House Tekiel

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House Tekiel
Type Family
World Scadrial
Era Final Empire, Elendel
Books Mistborn (series)

House Tekiel is one of the great noble houses on Scadrial. House Tekiel was ranked fourth in power, just after House Elariel. [1]

In the Final Empire, House Tekiel has a political rivalry with House Izenry.[2] They have canal routes through the eastern plains.[3] Due to the rivalries and suspicions sowed by Kelsier, House Tekiel loses a lot of business and begins going into debt. This destroys their reputation and their finances start to crumble. In a last attempt to save face, they attempt to withdraw from Luthadel. The evening before their withdrawal, many members are assassinated and those remaining are supposedly attacked by bandits on the canal routes.[4] In actuality, it is the work of House Hasting.[4]

Post-Catacendre, House Tekiel is responsible for the building of Tekiel Tower in Elendel. They are the subject of insurance fraud by the Set.[5] House Tekiel's connection to the Ascendant Warrior is known, and they have attempted to capitalise on that fact.[6]

Members include Tevidian Tekiel (Lord Prelan of the Steel Ministry) and his illegitimate children: Vin, her (unnamed) sister, and young noblemen by the names of Salmen[2] and Kale Tekiel.[4]


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