House Hasting

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House Hasting
Type Family
Era Final Empire
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Books Mistborn (series)

House Hasting is a noble house on Scadrial. It is the second largest house in the Final Empire right before the Collapse.[1][2] During the time of the Final Empire, it had a reputation for extreme subterfuge. Following the Collapse, most members of the house moved to BasMardin, a city further from the center of the empire than Fadrex City.[3]

Keep Hasting[edit]

Keep Hasting is the location of a number of Luthadel's balls. It consists of a tall, wide tower, with six other towers connecting to this central one via walltop walkways. All seven towers are decorated with curling patterns of stained glass. At the top level of the main tower is a grand ball room -- a square chamber with stained glass running around perimeter and vaulted ceilings. Guests reach this chamber through a system of skaa-operated pulley platforms. Balconies line the outside of the central tower's top level.[4]

Ashweather Cett settles there during the Siege of Luthadel.[5]


Telden Hasting
An associate of Elend Venture[6]


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