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House Geffenry
Type Family
Era Final Empire
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Books Mistborn Era 1

House Geffenry is a noble house on Scadrial during the Final Empire.[1]


They were allied with House Tekiel, although they desired a stronger alliance and access to Tekiel's canal routes across the eastern plains.[1][2]

Kelsier murdered Tekiel ally Charrs Entrone and dumped his body in the gardens of Keep Tekiel after Entrone had been gambling against Crews Geffenry, a known Mistborn. Kelsier did not know or care whether the nobility would end up blaming House Geffenry, Tekiel enemy House Izenry, or some other house for Entrone's death; he just wanted to cause chaos and house wars.[1]

According to Kliss, House Tekiel came to believe that House Geffenry had secretly murdered Entrone in the hopes that his death would make Tekiel nervous and potentially more willing to strengthen the Tekiel-Geffenry alliance. Kliss and Milen Davenpleu suspect that Tekiel then ordered the killing of Ardous and Callins Geffenry in retaliation.[2]


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