Ascension of the Lord Ruler

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Ascension of the Lord Ruler
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

The Ascension is the name given to the event surrounding the rise of Rashek as the Lord Ruler of the Final Empire by taking the power at the Well of Ascension.

Physical Changes to the Planet[edit]

While Rashek held the power of the Well, he moved the planet closer to its star in an attempt to defeat the Deepness. However, this made the planet too hot for the inhabitants of Scadrial to survive, so he created the Ashmounts to shoot ash and smoke into the atmosphere to make it thicker.[1]

As a result, he then also had to change the plant life to be able to survive on less sunlight, and in turn had to alter the people to be able to survive on the less nutritious plants,[2] as well as allow them to be able to survive constantly breathing in ash.

He moved the Well of Ascension by flattening the Terris of his day. He also created mountains in the area that would become the north, the Terris of the Final Empire. He knew the Well would fill up again and wanted to be prepared to once again take up the power held there, as well as prevent any who would seek the Well from finding it.[3]

Metallic Arts[edit]

With the power of the Well, he came to understand the three Metallic Arts, Allomancy, Feruchemy and Hemalurgy.[4]


Rashek was given knowledge of Lerasium, nuggets of metal in the Chamber of Ascension. Ingesting these metals would turn the person into a Mistborn, something that had not existed to this point in time.


While Rashek still held the power of the Well, he created three Hemalurgic Constructs: koloss, kandra and Steel Inquisitors.


During the time he held the power of the Well, he changed all other living Feruchemists into Mistwraiths and his close friends into the first generation of Kandra. He did this because he saw and understood that someone with the full power of Allomancy and Feruchemy (like him) would challenge his supremecy.[5]


History of Scadrial
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