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Uli Da

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Uli Da
Ambition by zoethatcher.jpg
Died Splintered by Odium[1][2]
Abilities Shard of Ambition
Titles Ambition
Species Sho Del
World Unknown
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Arcanum Unbounded
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Uli Da was the original Vessel of the Shard Ambition.[3] She is referred to as female in the first Oathbringer letter sent to Hoid.[4]

She is a Sho Del, one of three races on Yolen,[5] and thus a non-human Vessel. She was present on Yolen at the Shattering of Adonalsium.[6]

After the Shattering, Rayse (Odium) immediately felt threatened by Ambition,[2] eventually finding her in the Threnodite system and clashing with her and Mercy.[1][7] Although she fought back,[8] she was mortally wounded, leaving "chunks" of her power behind; the struggle warped the entire solar system.[1] Ambition was later Splintered by Odium in another location under unknown circumstances.[1][2] Uli Da's death and the Splintering of Ambition have had effects across the cosmere.[9][10]

The author of the first Oathbringer letter, presumed to be Edgli (Endowment), expresses contempt for Uli Da and is happy that she was killed.[4]


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