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by User: Botanicaxu
Died Shattering of Honor
Abilities Shard of honor
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
Tanavast was a fine enough fellow - bought me drinks once - but he was not God
Hoid on Tanavast[1]

Tanavast was the Vessel of the Shard Honor.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Child of Tanavast. Child of Honor. Child of one long since departed.
—The Stormfathers description of Tanavast and his relationship to humans.[3]

He is described as being a tall muscular man with dark skin and pure white hair. He wore a golden costume of billowing trousers and a coat which came to his waist.[4] As his shard was Honor it is likely that he was forced to base his actions on honour and obligations.


At some point in the past Tanavast met Hoid, leaving a good impression on him.[1] Tanavast was one of the 16 who shattered Adonalsium and took up its power.[5] Following this he moved to Roshar with his lover[6], Cultivation.[7]

After the deaths of Aona and Skai[8] Tanavast acted to contain Odium. This included his 10 Heralds forming the Oathpact. The Oathpact worked by keeping Odium captive on Braize where he could not splinter other shards.[9]

At one point in the past he left the Stormfather with the task of imparting his visions upon select individuals, to help mankind even after his death.[10] It is through these visions that he is seen and described.

He was eventually killed by Odium[11] and Honor was shattered.[12] The reply states that it has been millennia since one of the vessels has been killed, suggesting his death occurred long before the setting of the Stormlight Archive.[9]


As a Vessel Tanavast originally held as much power as his peers.[13] At some point however he was weakened enough to allow Odium a chance to kill him. Like other Vessels he had a Shardic future sight, but it was not as strong as that of Cultivation.[11] Of the different forms of Investiture found on Roshar 10 are connected to Honor.

Due to his shardic intent his powers were mostly used for ensuring that people kept to their oaths and promises. This is evident in the way that Surgebinding depends on a strong Nahel Bond.


He had another name, allowed to pass only the lips of ardents. Elithanathile. He Who Transforms.
—Shallan's thoughts[14]

On Roshar Tanavast was worshipped as The Almighty. He was called by 10 different names, with the last one being holiest and used only by Ardents. According to scripture The Almighty was cast out of the Tranquiline Halls after the Day of Recreance and thus now resides in the hearts of mankind.

Theories and Speculation[edit]

It is plausible that his death occured on the Day of Recreance, leading the Knights Radiant to lose their connection to him and abandon their oaths.


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