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Koravellium Avast

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Koravellium Avast
Cultivation by Shuravf.jpg
Abilities Shard of Cultivation
Titles Cultivation, Mother of the World,[1] She Who Brings the Dews at Dawn[2]
Aliases Koravari,[2] Slammer[3]
Species Dragon (cosmere)[4]
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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All things must be cultivated.

—Koravellium Avast[5]

Koravellium Avast, also known as She Who Brings the Dews at Dawn and Koravari, is the original Vessel of the Shard Cultivation.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

This woman extended into eternity.

Prior to her Ascension, Koravellium was a dragon;[4] however, she seems to prefer human form when interacting with others as a Shard. When speaking with Dalinar, she creates a "puppet" shaped like a dark-skinned woman with a matronly build. She wears a sweeping brown dress that seems to meld into the undergrowth, and has a voice described as sounding like tumbling stones.[5]

She appears to be rather calculating and cautious, preferring to set things up from the background than taking action directly, likely thanks to having front-row view of what happens to Shards that do fight Odium head-on.[5] She is deeply private and secretive, retreating from people and hiding her plans and thoughts from them. This leads to many thinking that she has given up on humanity at large, while in reality she is hiding and planning.[6][7] When she does interact with people, she is rather curt and self-assured, leaving no room for discussion or doubts, though she can be considerate when need be.[5]

She and Tanavast were once romantically involved, and she seems to feel similarly about Stormfather, likely due to his nature as Honor's Cognitive Shadow.[8][9] She appears to greatly dislike Hoid, for unknown reasons.[10] He, in turn, calls her Slammer, likewise for reasons unknown.[3]


Little is known about Koravellium's history prior to the Shattering of Adonalsium. Like all other original Vessels, she came from Yolen.[11] She and Tanavast were a couple, though the exact nature of their relationship is unknown.[8] She was present at the Shattering and took up the Shard of Cultivation, then departed for the Rosharan system with Tanavast, now turned Honor.[12]


  • Cultivation's vessel went unnamed until Rhythm of War, where her name was revealed in one of the art pages.[2] By contrast, both Rayse and Tanavast, the other two Vessels of Rosharan Shards, were named in The Way of Kings.[13][14]
  • Koravellium Avast shares the last five letters of her name with Tanavast. What this means, if anything, is unknown.
  • When asked if Koravari or Koravellium Avast were shifted versions of Cultivation's original name, Brandon did not confirm.[15]
  • She is the only dragon on Roshar, and prefers to hide her true nature.[16]


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