Koravellium Avast

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Koravellium Avast
Cultivation by Shuravf.jpg
Abilities Shard of Cultivation
Titles Cultivation, Mother of the World,[1] She Who Brings the Dews at Dawn[2]
Aliases Koravari,[2] Slammer[3]
Species Dragon (cosmere)[4]
Homeworld Yolen
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Oathbringer

All things must be cultivated.

—Koravellium Avast[5]

Koravellium Avast, also known as She Who Brings the Dews at Dawn and Koravari, is the original, and current, Vessel of the Shard Cultivation.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

This woman extended into eternity.

Prior to her Ascension, Koravellium was a dragon;[4] however, she seems to prefer human form when interacting with others as a Shard. When speaking with people, she typically takes on the appearance of a dark-skinned woman with a matronly build, a round face and a full head of black, tightly-curling hair. She wears a sweeping brown dress that seems to meld into the undergrowth, and has a voice described as sounding like tumbling stones.[5][6]

Koravellium is calculating and cautious, preferring to set things up from the background than taking action directly, likely thanks to having front-row view of what happens to Shards that do fight Odium head-on.[5] She is deeply private and secretive, retreating from people and hiding her plans and thoughts from them. This leads to some thinking that she has given up on humanity at large, while in reality she is hiding and planning.[7][8] When she does interact with people, she is rather curt and self-assured, leaving no room for discussion or doubts, though she can be considerate when need be.[5]

She can, however, be kind. She cared deeply for Tanavast, and mourned his passing.[7] She isn't opposed to teaching other Shards how to use their powers, either. It seems this can be used to fool her, though at the moment, it's unclear how deeply her schemes run.[6]

Abilities and Attributes[edit]

Koravellium was once capable of transforming between shapes of various species, including those of a human and a giant, scaled beast.[4] Being a dragon, she would also be unaging and capable of flight.[9] While presently she can appear as she wishes, her draconic shape is still the "truest" one.[6] Nonetheless, despite being Roshar's only dragon, she prefers to hide this aspect of her nature.[9]

As a Shard, she is one of the most powerful entities in the cosmere, capable of altering souls through Old Magic. She has demonstrated the power to manipulate people's memories, alter their levels of intelligence and emotion, and give them abilities such as metabolizing food into Lifelight, touching spren, and entering visions. She is capable of creating powerful spren and granting them abilities similar to her own, though the only such creation known to exist is the Nightwatcher.[5] As with most Shards, Koravellium is additionally gifted with potent future sight. While it's better than Honor's, it's unclear how she compares to Shards like Endowment or Preservation.[10]


Little is known about Koravellium's history prior to the Shattering of Adonalsium. Like all other original Vessels, she came from Yolen.[11] She and Tanavast were a couple.[12]

It can be assumed that she was a god figure on Yolen, as she was a dragon, a species which are worshipped there as gods.[13]

She was present at the Shattering and took up the Shard of Cultivation, then departed for the Rosharan system with Tanavast, now turned Honor.[14]


Koravellium and Tanavast


She doesn't care any longer. Now that He’s gone . . .

Koravellium and Tanavast were once romantically involved, though the specifics of how are unclear.[12] Notably, the two share the last five letters of their names, and though it's unlikely to be accidental, it's unclear what, if anything, it means.

She publicly withdrew from the matters of spren and Roshar after his death, leading some cultivationspren to believe she has wholly given up on humanity.[7] As the Stormfather is, in some ways, Tanavast's Cognitive Shadow, he reminds her heavily of him, and she feels about him much the same way as she did about Honor.[15]

Back when he created the visions, Tanavast highly respected Koravellium's ability to predict the future, calling it far superior to his own.[10] Presently, the Stormfather feels much the same about her as Honor used to.[16] It's unknown how often the two interacted since Honor's Splintering, if at all.


Oh, you wonderful creature. You have no idea what you have done.

Koravellium engineers Taravangian's Ascent to Odium, giving him the boon that alters his intelligence and empathy to prepare him for bearing the power. She hopes that he could carry it more honorably than Rayse, thus putting reins on what she considers to be the most dangerous of the sixteen powers. After Taravangian becomes Odium, she introduces herself to him and offers to teach him how to use his newfound abilities.[6]

Koravellium claims that she didn't have the full control over her boon to Taravangian, and that she could only hope that he would become someone who wouldn't pose a danger to the whole cosmere once he Ascended. In this, she appears to have failed, as Taravangian begins to plot a campaign of conquest almost immediately. He intends to use her and her generosity to further his own plans.[6] At the present, it's difficult to tell whether he truly is outwitting her, or if she's aware of what he's doing.

Koravellium and the Nightwatcher


Mother wanted a daughter whose shape and personality would grow organically.

Koravellium created the Nightwatcher directly, aiming to make a creature that would grow without the influence of human perception and thought, which is why Nightwatcher's point of view can be highly alien for those who interact with her, even other spren.[17] Nonetheless, she allows the Nightwatcher to interact with humans in limited capacity -- she lets her hold court in the Valley, granting petitioners boons and banes through Old Magic. Cultivation keeps a close eye on those exchanges, stepping in when she sees that the Nightwatcher is out of her depth, and occasionally granting boons in her stead.[5]


She and I never did get along.

Hoid about Koravellium[18]

For reasons unknown, Hoid and Koravellium are on poor terms.[18] He does not seem to think badly of her, but has his own nickname for her -- Slammer. How it came about is likewise unknown.[3]


  • Cultivation's Vessel went unnamed until Rhythm of War, where her name was revealed in one of the art pages.[2] By contrast, both Rayse and Tanavast, the other two Vessels of Rosharan Shards, were named in The Way of Kings.[19][20]
  • When asked if Koravari or Koravellium Avast were shifted versions of Cultivation's original name, Brandon did not confirm.[21]
  • Koravellium is the only current Vessel to be a dragon.[22]


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