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Dominion by zoethatcher.jpg
Died Splintered[1]
Abilities Shard of Dominion
Titles Dominion
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Skai was the original Vessel of the Shard Dominion.[2] Sometime after the Shattering, they and Aona took up residence on Sel.[1] Edgli believes that, by doing so, they violated the original Vessels' pact to not settle on the same world as another Shard,[3][4] though the exact terms of that agreement are somewhat unclear.[5]

Sometime in the distant past, Odium arrived on Sel and attacked both Skai and Aona, killing both of them and Splintering their Shards.[1][6] At the time, he was hunting Ambition, but found them first,[7] and likely used their alleged violation of the Vessels' pact as justification for killing them.[8] After Aona and Skai died, Odium locked much of Devotion and Dominion's power in the Cognitive Realm to prevent them from gaining another Vessel, which makes the Cognitive Realm around Sel very dangerous.[9][6]

On present-day Sel, while most of Skai's power remains trapped in the Cognitive Realm, some of it still influences the Physical Realm. The skaze are Splinters of Dominion,[10][11] and some vestiges of Skai's power appear to be allowing Wyrn Wulfden the Fourth to see the future.[12]


  • Though they're often presumed male by the fandom, Skai's gender has not been canonized.


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