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Teoish Royal Family
Spouse Sarene's mother
Children Teorn, Sarene
Siblings Kiin
Relatives Kaise, Daorn
Bonded With Dio
Titles King of Teod
Nationality Teoish
World Sel
Featured In Elantris

King Eventeo is the ruler of Teod on Sel.[1] He had a brother, Kiin.[2] He was the father of Sarene, and a believer in the Korathi faith.

Though Eventeo was the younger brother of Kiin, he inherited the throne instead of his older brother, as Kiin was travelling at the time. When Kiin returned he tried to take the kingdom as his, under the name of Dreok Crushthroat.[3]

In a deal with the Gyorn Hrathen, Eventeo converted to the Derethi faith in order to save Sarene from Dilaf.


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