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Teo Royal Family
Spouse Sarene's mother
Children Teorn, Sarene
Siblings Kiin
Relatives Kaise, Daorn
Bonded With Dio
Titles King of Teod
Nationality Teo
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

King Eventeo is the ruler of Teod on Sel and Sarene's father.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

A king's duty is to protect his people. When faced with the choice of conversion or letting my people be destroyed, I think I would have to choose conversion.

—Eventeo to Sarene on taking action if Arelon fell to Fjordell[2]

King Eventeo is an honest man who keeps his promises.[3] He is religious and follows Shu-Korath, but is very loyal to his people and was willing to convert in order to save them.[2]

He is smart and politically savvy,[2] but is an absolutely horrible businessman and keeps a fleet of accountants to manage the royal finances.[4]

He is married to a smart woman which is different from the traditional men in Teod. He has two children Sarene and her older brother Teorn who gave him grandchildren.[2] He has a brother, Kiin.[5]

To Sarene, Eventeo is a loving father who values his daughter more than traditions and contracts. With her, he does display concern, but also a sense of humor and he would talk sarcastically to on her plans with the court or making jokes on telling her mother of her killing Raoden.[1]

Though nowhere as large—in either muscle or fat—as his brother Kiin, he was more portly than he was stocky. He owns green royal robes.[6]

He is not only a traditionalist, but a scholar himself. He is well aware of the ancient meaning of the Aon, and has remarked on occasion that he finds the choice particularly accurate when applied to his daughter.[7]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

He is an honest man, smart and politically saavy,[2] but he was an absolutely horrible businessman; he kept a fleet of accountants to manage the royal finances.[4] He is a better king than his brother would have been.[8] He has a Seon named Dio.


Path towards becoming King of Teod[edit]

Eventeo is Kiin's younger brother. Kiin should have inherited the throne, but he wasted his youth on pleasure voyages, exploration and visiting foreign ports while Eventeo stayed behind and helped rule the kingdom. (Their father was ailing, and often Eventeo would have to hold court for him and attend the other tasks of king.)

Some minor crisis arrived at the same time as their father died, and Eventeo—thinking his brother unworthy of the throne—eased into the role of king and was crowned before Kiin. Eventeo dealt with the problems of state, and generally was a good king. When Kiin got back from his latest trip, however, he was furious to find that his crown had been stolen from him. He demanded it back, but Eventeo refused and had Kiin banished.

Kiin was popular with the military men, however, because of the heroic figure he cut. He was the adventuring sailor, while Eventeo was a scholarly bureaucrat. Over the next few years, Kiin managed to gather a naval force from pirates, deserters from Eventeo's armies, and mercenary forces. It was during this time he nearly died to the accident that crushed his throat. He took the name "Dreok," after Aon Reo, and sailed against Teod, trying to take the throne by force.

Eventeo won the battle, though only barely. Kiin barely escaped with his life, and went to Arelon to recoup and plan his next invasion. However, he fell in love with Daora, and slowly began to loose his hard edge.[8]

Restoration of Elantris[edit]

King Eventeo of Teod supported his daughter Sarene who, in an attempt to re-establish diplomatic relations with Arelon, arranges her political marriage with Prince Raoden.

With the rise of the Fjordell Empire putting pressure on Teod and Arelon, the alliance between the two empires was important enough to let her daughter stay there after she found Raoden had died.[1]

This however was not enough to make things easier in Teod. Not only he had to put down Mystery cultists, but received direct offense of Fjordell when Ashgress, their Ambassador, left Teod. The Fjordell borders started closing to Teo merchants north and south, and their ambassadors and spies began to disappear. He started to consider religious conversion if Arelon fell to the Fjordell.[2]

He and Iadon, the King of Arelon, tried to strike back at Fjordell by uniting economically. Though Iadon got the best of the pact, Sarene was convinced it was for the best.[4] After that, he sent new spies into Arelon and found out about the death of Iadon right away. He and Sarene kept talking politics, considering the possibilities. They both acknowledge the situation was very difficult for them.[9]

Sarene was tricked and sent to Elantris under a faked illness and Duke Telrii was about to take power and because he is in friendly terms with Gyorn Hrathen, Eventeo called Sarene to let her know he would come get her. She was able to convince him not to, but Eventeo decided to set the troops in defense position. He warned Sarene that any ship approaching Teo waters would be sunken.[10]

Eventeo found out Hrathen would be able to heal Sarene and reached out to him. He promised that if his daughter returns safely from that city, he will convert to Shu-Dereth.[11] The oath would place Eventeo at the bottom of the Derethi hierarchy, forcing him to submit to the whims of even a simple priest.[3]

This, however, was not enough for Dilaf who had managed to gain much power on Arelon and Fjordell. His end goal was to kill people in both countries. He called Eventeo letting him know he had Sarene and would kill her if they did not surrender or placed resistance to their invasion. Dilaf was committed to kill him personally.[12]

Upon Dilaf’s arrival, King Eventeo stood with a small honor guard surrounding him. He bowed his head as Dilaf approached. The monk smiled, preparing his knife. Eventeo though he was presenting his country for surrender.[13] Dilaf wanted Eventeo to see his daughter die before him, but was faced by Hrathen who punched him and moved the King to defend Teod.[14]

Teod got the assistances of Raoden and the Elantrians and with the help of Hrathen, both Dilaf and the invading army were defeated. Eventeo searched for Sarene who was also unharmed after the battle.[6]



Eventeo is a loving father who likes talking with Sarene about politics. He respects her and is fully aware of how persuasive she can be.[1] He was also open to tell her the situation was bad enough for him to be scared. This something he would only tell her.[2]

He had made sure to include an extensive knowledge of Shu-Dereth in her education.[15]

He has a special tone of voice he uses to get her doing her way, it usually worked. He however failed to realize how she felt during her time in Teod but their open communication let her to open her heart to him through Seon communication.[2]


  • Due to his weight, he is on a special diet.[9]
  • It makes sense to Brandon that a culture like the JinDo might figure out that a diet lower in fats is good for you, but they might not completely understand why. As a result, Eventeo doesn't get to eat butter any more.[16]


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