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Teo Royal Family
Spouse Eventeo
Children Teorn, Sarene
Bonded With Ashe (formerly)
Titles Queen of Teod
Nationality Teo
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris
This article's title is uncanonical and a fan created one, because an official term or name has not been made yet.

Sarene's mother was the Queen of Teod and wife of Eventeo on Sel during the Late Era.[1] She is never named in the text of Elantris.


Sarene's mother was the daughter of a Teo diplomat.[2] Due to her father's profession, she spent much of her childhood living in JinDo and was heavily influenced by the JinDo culture and way of life. At some point, Ashe was Passed to Sarene's mother. She was a very intelligent woman,[3] which was one of the things that drew Eventeo to her. Eventually they were married, and Sarene's mother gave birth to Teorn and Sarene. When Sarene was born, her mother Passed Ashe to her.[4]

Sarene's mother was very concerned over Sarene's happiness, and often prayed for her and that Sarene's marriage to Raoden would go well.[1]

Sarene's mother strongly believed in JinDo habits of healthy eating. She would often become fascinated by odd foods for a time, such as Hraggish weed soup.[2] She wanted Eventeo to be healthier and lose weight, so she put him and the rest of the palace staff on a healthy diet.


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