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Capital Teoras
Ruled by Eventeo
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Teod is a peninsula state on the world of Sel.[1]


It is one of the more southern nations in the northern continent, separate from Sycla by the Sea of Fjorden.[2]

There are passes that lead to the Rose Empire.[3]


The capital of Teod is Teoras, and its ruler is King Eventeo.[4]

Teod's martial strength exists mainly in the form of its navy, which dominates the northern sea, protecting Teod's borders from the Fjordell Empire.

Unlike the rest of the northern continent, Teod is within Opelon's cultural sphere of influence. For example, the nation's state religion is Shu-Korath, which originated in Opelon. The Teo people are also of Aonic descent and are therefore related to the Arelene and Dula people of Opelon.

The royal crest of the country was a gold Aon Teo on a blue backround.[5]


After the previous ruler died, Eventeo took the throne against the rightful line of succession, which would have led his brother Kiin ascending.[6][7]

With the rise of the Fjordell Empire putting pressure on Teod and Arelon, kings Eventeo and Iadon attempted to strengthen their alliance by marrying their children Raoden and Sarene. The deal eventually fell through after Raoden succumbed to the Reod, and some trickery by Hrathen lead to Eventeo converting to Shu-Dereth.[expand]


  • In the first published edition of Elantris, the term "Teoish" was used to describe things originating from the nation of Teod. This was changed in the tenth anniversary edition of Elantris such that "Teo" is now used as the nation's demonym and adjectival form.


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