Battle of Teoras

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Battle of Teoras
Participants Dakhor monks, Raoden, Sarene, Hrathen, Eventeo
Effects Fjorden invasion of Teod stopped
City Teoras
Nation Teod
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
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The Battle of Teoras took place on the planet of Sel just before Raoden and Sarene were crowned king and queen of Elantris.

King Eventeo of Teod, faced with the death of his daughter Sarene, capitulates to the demands of Dilaf and agrees to the full surrender of Teod to the armies of the Fjordell Empire.

Dilaf, Hrathen and Sarene are transported to Eventeo's throne room by the sacrifice of some of his monks. Hrathen and Sarene escape, and are pursued through the city by Dilaf.[1]

Raoden arrives in Teoras and is nearly defeated by Dilaf, until Hrathen uses Dilaf's own magic against him.

The rest of the Elantrians arrive and battle the troops of Fjordell. Then they all jump back to Elantris.


History of Sel
Invasion of Arelon Battle of Teoras Crowning of Raoden and Sarene
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