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Related to JinDo
World of Origin Sel
Universe Cosmere

Shu-Keseg is a religion practiced on the Selish continent known as Opelon (Aonic term) or Sycla (Fjordell term), as well as the nearby nation of Teod.[1][2][3] Two opposing sects, Shu-Korath and Shu-Dereth, later developed from this parent religion. [4][5]


Shu-Keseg’s core ideals center around unity – specifically unity of ‘’mind’’ – and acceptance.[5] Its followers believe in a single, omnipotent God[6] named Dashu.[7]

Origins & History[edit]

Shu-Keseg was founded by a JinDo man named Keseg who preached the power of unity.[5][6] The religion’s teachings are held in a book called the Do-Kando.[8]


Keseg’s students, Korath and Dereth, left JinDo to spread Shu-Keseg, but they disagreed about how to achieve the central tenet of unity. Korath preached that mankind should be united through love, whereas Dereth taught of achieving unity through obedience. This schism resulted in the two opposing sects of Shu-Korath and Shu-Dereth.[5]

Cultural Influence[edit]

The nation of Fjorden, the home of Shu-Dereth, used the new religion as an excuse to conquer nearby nations under the guise of divine unification.[9][10]

Notable Members[edit]

  • Countries
    • The nation of JinDo, while officially converted to Shu-Dereth to avoid war, still primarily practices Shu-Keseg.[5]
  • People


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