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Abilities ChayShan
Titles Baron
Nationality JinDo
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Baron Shuden is a JinDo merchant in Arelon on Sel.[1]

His family directed many trade routes around Arelon. They were offered a barony by Iadon to keep their caravans running.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

He is a known amateur practitioner of ChayShan.[2] When using ChayShan, Shuden repeatedly performs certain movements that serve as the key to the Dor. This gives him ever-increasing strength and speed, enough to break the bones of a Dakhor monk.[3] If his movement is interrupted, he loses access to the Dor and his increased physical powers.[4]


Shuden was part of Raoden's group that conspired against King Iadon, being one of the few members willing to meet up after Raoden's mysterious and sudden "death." He spoke in favour of allowing Sarene to attend the meeting and as she became the leader of the group, he and Eondel were most vocal in their loyalty to her whereas Ahan and Roial saw her as an equal partner.

Shuden, as a handsome wealthy bachelor, was frustrated with the unwanted attention he got from the ladies around the court. He was happy to bring Sarene as his guest to parties as it put many of the ladies attentions off.

During Sarene's fencing classes with the ladies he performed ChayShan and Sarene believed that despite his protests he actually quite liked the attention. Following Torena beginning the fencing classes, she and Shuden began courting each other, which the others found humourous given Shuden's previous aversion to romance.

He and Eondel were closest friends, both sharing a devotion to Sarene and a similar strong sense of honor and decorum. In the span of a few days, Ahan betrayed them, Telrii had Roial killed and Eondel died killing Telrii. Sarene noted that Shuden took the events particularly hard since his future father-in-law was the traitor, Torena disappeared shortly afterwards, and his best friend died.

During the Invasion of Arelon, when the citizens were rounded up for execution, Shuden put on a final show of defiance by attacking the Fjordell soldiers and Dakhor monks with ChayShan, managing to snap the neck of one of the monks. His actions inspired Lukel and several of the female fencers to fight back but Shuden was knocked unconscious and the others summarily defeated. They were saved by the appearance of Raoden who had restored the Elantrians to full power.


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