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Died In a duel with Telrii
Titles Count of Eon Plantation
Nationality Arelene
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Eondel is the Count of Eon Plantation[1] in Arelon on Sel.

Before Raoden was taken by the Shaod and thrown into Elantris, Eondel supported his movements. When Sarene came to Kae, he supported her in her plan to overthrow King Iadon. He also helped her take supplies into Elantris for her Widow's Trial, and saved her from being killed by one of Shaor's men.

After Sarene's plans were foiled by Hrathen and Duke Telrii became king, Eondel led his men in retaking the throne. He personally slew Telrii, but died from previously gotten wounds.

Eondel had a personal army,[1] which was accepted to be the most effective fighting force in Arelon.

He was killed by Telrii in a duel just before the Invasion of Arelon.[2][3] He is buried in one of the graves dedicated to those who had fought for Arelon alongside Saolin, Karata, Roial, and Hrathen. [4]


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