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Spouse Seaden
Children Torena
Titles Count
Nationality Arelene
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Count Ahan is an Arelene merchant from Sel. He is very fat[1] and has an air of arrogance about him,[2] not seeming to take much seriously.[1] He is impetuous to a fault,[2] often speaking and acting without thinking.[3]

Following the Reod, Ahan rose to prominence in Iadon's income-based meritocracy gaining the title of count. Where his fortune falls within the Arelon system is unknown but is no higher than fourth.[4] He shares a friendly rivalry with Duke Roial and is constantly trying to either outdo or oppose him.[1][3] Ahan, along with Roial and several others, is part of Sarene's opposition to Iadon's rule, and resistance to Hrathen's efforts to convert Arelon. Ahan has one daughter, Torena, who is courted by Shuden.

Shortly after Telrii seizes control of Arelon in the wake of Iadon's death, Ahan betrays the group of resisters in an effort to finally best his long-time rival. Things take a turn for the unexpected when Roial is killed for treason.[2] Ahan never recovers from the guilt of his betrayal. He loses much of his weight, and thereafter only speaks in a dazed, sickly voice.[5]


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