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Parents Ahan, Seaden
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Torena is a noble in the Arelene court on Sel.

She is daughter of Earl Ahan and Lady Seaden.[1] She is usually a quiet member of the court gatherings, but helps start the fencing lessons, being the first volunteer.[2] She starts courting Shuden prior to the invasion of Arelon.[3][4][5] She participated in Sarene's Widow's Trial, and is the first of the women to participate.[6][3] She and Kaise act as Sarene's train-bearers during her marriage to Roial.[7] She dances and rides with Shuden.[4][8]

She disappeared after her father betrayed the group, and only reappeared before the battle.[9][10] She attends the funeral with her father.[11]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She's a quiet member of the court ladies, and Sarene considers her to be intelligent. She has a surprisingly slim figure given her parents' weight.[1] Her hair is red-gold.[2]


  • Torena was originally meant to be revealed as Eventeo’s spy in Arelon but this was eventually cut as it distracted from the book's climax.[12] It is unclear if she was still Eventeo's spy in the final draft.


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