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Widow's Trial

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Widow's Trial
Related to Arelon
Type Tradition
Origin Elantrians
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

The Widow's Trial is a mourning ceremony in Arelon, created before the Reod.[1]

A recent widow is expected to perform some type of charitable act. The effort and time the widow expends on her trial represents how much she valued her husband and their marriage.[2] Typically widows give food or other necessities to the poor. Sarene utilizes the Widow's Trial to undermine Hrathen's attempt to demonize the Elantrians by taking food to them, and encourages other nobles to accompany her. It originated from the religious surrounding the Elantrians, so it is considered a pagen ritual. However, Sarene's priest as well as many other followers Shu-Korath consider it a perfectly fine ritual as it only involved giving to those who need it rather than actually worshipping Elantrians.


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