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Spouse Ahan
Children Torena
Nationality Arelene
Homeworld Sel
Universe Cosmere

Lady Seaden is a noble in Arelon on Sel. She is Count Ahan's wife and the mother of Torena.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She is quite overweight,[1] but becomes noticeably thinner after participating in the fencing sessions that Sarene organized for the noble ladies of the court.[2] She is strong-willed and does not defer to her husband.[2] Her name is based on Aon Sea, which means chastity and faithfulness.[3]


During a needlepoint session with other noble ladies, she commented that priests were the only people that cared which of the religions one worships.[1]

She was quite eager to learn about fencing after hearing tales about the customs in Teod, although some of the tales were exaggerated.[1] She and her daughter Torena both participated in Sarene's lessons.[4]

The fencing lessons inspired Seaden to live a healthier lifestyle, including better eating habits. Ahan preferred a full-figured woman and was disappointed by her weight loss, but Seaden was undeterred and tried to convince him that he should also eat better.[2]

There is no indication that Seaden was aware of Ahan's plot to betray Roial; she was not present when Torena and a disgraced Ahan attended Hrathen's funeral.[5]


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