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Arelene Royal Family
Spouse Sarene
Parents Iadon, mother
Abilities Elantrian
Bonded With Ien
Titles King of Elantris, King of Arelon
Aliases Spirit, Kaloo
Residence Elantris
Ethnicity Aonic
Nationality Arelene
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Raoden is the only son of King Iadon and is the current king of Arelon.[1][2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Raoden has an optimistic attitude and a strong desire to improve the lives of the people around him. He is well-educated and skilled in debate and public speaking. He has a keen ability to determine how any one person can be useful in promoting the benefit of the whole. In Elantris he clearly shows his leadership abilities. He has a skillful hand and is able to proficiently learn and draw Aons. This in turn means that he is quite adept with AonDor.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

  • AonDor: Raoden shows proficiency in drawing Aons. Both Galladon and Sarene comment on the grace and speed Raoden shows when drawing the symbols in the air.[3] When he connects to the Dor, he shows skills in crafting illusions and combat Aons.
  • Swordsmanship: While sparring with Sarene under the guise of a noble named Kaloo, he shows that he is close in skill to Sarene and can fend off most of her attacks.[4] He later reveals that he was taught by Eondel[5].
  • Leadership: As a prince, Raoden proves himself to be a capable leader by uniting the separate factions of Elantris[6] and restoring the city to its glory.[7]



For the majority of his life, Raoden lived in the city of Kae, just outside of Elantris. He had a rather stringent upbringing, being taught a variety of skills that were meant to tailor him into a successful king. However as he got older and more confident he was known to frequently disagree with his father, King Iadon, on a variety of political points. Raoden even obtained fencing lessons from Count Eondel to spite his father.[8] His differing opinions with an almost unanimously disliked king promoted a large following with the young prince. [9] He also had a close friendship with Lukel.[10] When he was younger, Raoden suffered from an infected wound on his leg and was taken to Elantris to receive treatment.[11] There, he witnessed the allure of the AonDor for the first time as a glowing character in the air caused the pain and wound to vanish. Before succumbing to the Shaod, he was engaged to the Teo princess, Sarene.[10]

Post Shaod[edit]

Arrival to Elantris[edit]

Ten years after the Reod, Raoden underwent the Shaod transformation into an Elantrian, a transformation that was, at the time, incomplete.[1] He was immediately cast into the rotting city of Elantris, as was tradition. There, he met a Dula named Galladon and learned that he had become like a corpse, with no heartbeat and an inability to heal his own wounds.[1] Galladon told him of Elantris and the fate that awaited modern Elantrians. He eventually showed Raoden that Elantrians retained the ability to draw Aons,[12] but that they were unable to access the Dor, making the glowing lines useless to the Elantrians. This led to Raoden's investigation of the connection between the failure of AonDor and the Reod.[13]

Restoring Elantris to its Glory[edit]

As an Elantrian, Raoden worked to bring peace and civilization to the people living in Elantris, who had devolved into a primitive, bestial society.[14][15] First, he adopted the identity Spirit and rounded up new arrivals and convinced them to join him in rebuilding the city. After rumors spread that those surrounding Raoden no longer felt pain or hunger, many were drawn to the Elantrian. He later brought some semblance of order to the city by bringing together the two opposing factions led by Karata[16] and Aanden[14], and providing resources to the Elantrians. Despite his own suffering, Raoden managed to restore a sense of purpose and hope to the Elantrians by assigning them individual jobs and assignments so they could better their once-glorious city.

Reunion with Sarene[edit]

In an attempt to better the lives of the Elantrians, Sarene brought food to Elantris.[17] There Raoden met Sarene under the guise of Spirit but only he recognized the Teo princess while she believed him to be just a common Elantrian. Karata and Mareshe, posing as the head Elantrians, agreed to allow Sarene and the other nobles to distribute food to the people if they also provided various goods, which the Elantrians would later use to make clothing and some repairs to the city. Sarene suspected that Raoden as Spirit was the ruler of the Elantris and eventually started to trust him.[17]

Connecting to the Dor[edit]

As Raoden and Galladon discussed AonDor, Galladon suggested that the land had changed, causing Raoden to realize that the chasm near Elantris had caused the Reod, rather than the other way around as most people believed. Raoden drew a modified Aon Ehe that included a line for the chasm, and a massive stream of fire that exploded from the Aon incinerated part of the library. With further experimentation, Galladon and Raoden determined that the AonDor was still inhibited and the strong burst of power was the result of a large reserve of energy being released at once. Further Aons didn't produce effects as powerful as the books described, any Aons that targeted each other didn't work at all, and they still had not become like the pre-Reod Elantrians. However, they were able to use the AonDor to some degree. For instance, Raoden crafted a handy Aon, based on Shao, that allowed him to create an illusion around him of a healthy human, making it possible to leave Elantris.[18]

Infiltrating Arelon[edit]

Under the guise of exiled Dulas, Raoden and Galladon entered Arelon and met with Sarene and her allies. Suspecting the newcomer to be a spy, Sarene sparred with Raoden and accidentally wounded him, adding to the many pains he already suffered.[4] He eventually revealed his identity as Spirit to Sarene and shared his reconnection to the Dor. During a meeting at Kiin's house, Count Ahan betrayed them to King Telrii, who had Duke Roial killed and ordered the execution of the others. On the spur of the moment, Raoden dropped one illusion to reveal another, one of his appearance before being taken by the Shaod. Telrii fled and Sarene and the others are shocked by the revelation. Raoden attempted to heal Roial but failed due to his lack of knowledge of the healing Aons and the blockage of the Dor.[19] With news of his return, Raoden's coronation was scheduled, but while speaking his illusion dropped and his status as an Elantrian was revealed to the citizens. Sarene managed to calm the crowd and they accepted Raoden as king despite his appearance.[2]

Healing the Elantrians[edit]

While Elantris was under attack by Wyrn's army, Raoden discovered the key to restoring Elantris after realizing that Elantris and its surrounding cities formed one massive Aon. He drew a line to represent the chasm that caused the Reod, fixing the Dor and completing the Shaod in all living Elantrians. The healed Elantrians repelled the attacks from Fjorden in both Arelon and Teod.[7][20] Raoden restored Elantris and from it rules both the city and Arelon.

Married Life[edit]

It is revealed that Sarene is pregnant with Raoden's child and Seons are returning.[21]


  • Raoden was the first Elantrian after the Reod to successfully harness the power of AonDor.[18]
  • Brandon thinks Raoden is possibly the only character he has written that "from day one, actually deserved to be king."[22]


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