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Ethnicity Dula
Region Opelon
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Duladel is a region of Opelon along the southern border of Arelon on Sel. Its people are mostly of mixed blood, generally half Aonic and half JinDo,[1] and are known as the "most light-hearted, easygoing people in Opelon".[2] Because of their Aonic heritage, Dulas can be taken by the Shaod and become Elantrians.[3]


Duladel Republic[edit]

The Duladel Republic was one of the major nations on Opelon during the time before the Reod. It was ruled by a group of citizens known as the Republican class. The members of the Republican class were elected by the Dula people.[4] The aristocratic segment of the population was fond of garish clothing.[5] The state religion of the Republic was Jesker which worshiped the Dor as a sort of overspirit. Although a Duladel-specific magic system has not been introduced, it is possible that one exists.[6]

Occupation by the Fjordell Empire[edit]

About six months prior to the restoration of Elantris, the Duladel Republic collapsed. During a chaotic period a contingent of Derethi priests, led by the gyorn Hrathen, fomented a revolution.[7] The Duladel Revolution was described as being even more violent than the Arelene Revolution following the Fall of Elantris; the Republican Class was killed in its entirety. A monarchy was then instituted and Shu-Dereth replaced Jesker as the state religion. The collapse of Duladel prompted the engagement of Prince Raoden of Arelon to Princess Sarene of Teod; their marriage would signify unity between the two remaining non-Derethi nations south of the Rose Empire.[4]


Alavanta kamaloo kayana.

— Galladon to himself[8]

Duladen was the language spoken by the Dula people. It reflected the "laid back, loose culture" of Duladel.[9]

When Sarene discovers a group of practitioners of the Jeskeri Mysteries, she notes that many of them wear robes emblazoned with "Duladen runes".[10]

Known words[edit]

A dialogue tag, analogous to "Understand?"[11]

Notable Dula[edit]


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