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Related to Duladel, the Dor
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris
Jesker teaches that only humans have the ability--or the curse--of being oblivious to the Dor
Galladon explaining to Raoden about the Dor[1]

Jesker is a religion practiced on Sel. It is one of the oldest religions on Sel,[2] and was effectively exterminated when the Duladel Republic was overthrown by Hrathen. Many call Jesker a 'primitive' religion, though saying this was considered offensive to its followers.[3]

Jesker appears to involve spirits.[4] The Dor is referred to as the Jesker "overspirit".[5] Jesker is said to look to the Dor and attempt to understand it.[6] Followers of the Jesker religion strive to bring themselves in harmony with the Dor and subsequently with nature,[7] and taught that everything knew of the Dor, except humans, who could be oblivious to it.[1] Jesker also ascribed importance to the heaven's movements, and according to Hrathen, worshipped the moon.[8]

The Jeskeri Mysteries are a religious cult that was related to Jesker, but Galladon insists it is a mockery of true Jesker,[1] who did not have any true understanding of the Dor.[9]

When Raoden first entered Elantris, an Elantrian said that all priests, including Jesker, said that they were damned.[10] This may not be indicative of Jesker itself, as Arelish have more experience with the Mysteries than the defunct Jesker.


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