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Jeskeri Mysteries

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Jeskeri Mysteries
Related to Jesker
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

The Jeskeri Mysteries is a religious cult on Sel which involves human sacrifice.[1] It is an offshoot of Jesker which Galladon insists is a perversion of Jesker and scarcely related.[2][3]

Jesker ascribes importance to the heaven's movements, like the moon, and the followers of the Mysteries frequently hold rituals on nights of the full moon.[4]

When Hrathen first talked to Dilaf he wondered about his religious fervor and thought it more in line with the attitudes of followers of the Jeskeri Mysteries rather than those of Shu-Dereth.[5]

Sarene discovered that King Iadon followed the Jeskeri Mysteries and had ritually sacrificed several female palace servants as petitions for supernatual intervention from the Jesker spirits.[1]



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