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Type Ethnicities and Nationalities
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Aonic is the term used to refer to an ethnic group that exists on the planet Sel.[1] The peoples of Arelon, Teod, and, to a certain extent, Duladel are of Aonic descent. The Aonic people migrated to the region surrounding Elantris several thousand years before the Reod occurred. Aonic people are lighter skinned- other than the Dulas, who are noted for dark skin[citation needed], possibly a result of their mixed heritage. The Teos tend to be taller than their cousins. Otherwise, there seems to be no specific hair color or any other type of appearance ascribed to them.[citation needed]


Only people who are of Aonic descent can be taken by the Shaod and become Elantrians. The precise reason for this is unknown as Elantris predates the arrival of the Aonic people. They are generally followers of Shu-Korath.


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