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Related to Shu-Dereth
World of Origin Sel
Universe Cosmere

Jaddeth is a deity on Sel related to rocks and earth. He is the god of the modern Shu-Dereth religion.[1]

He is mentioned in Wyrn the King, the oldest text on Sel, as a minor god that cared for the rocks under the earth.[2] The originally pantheistic religion later shifted to monotheism through the teachings of Keseg.[3] Dereth further interpreted Keseg's doctrine to mean that mankind should serve a single monarch.[4][5] Dereth's ideas were rejected in his native JinDo, but were later embraced in Fjorden after the fall of the Old Empire and the adoption of Shu-Dereth as the official state religion by Wulfden the First.[6][7] Jaddeth was elevated to be the primary god of Shu-Dereth and therefore the entire Fjordell Empire.[1] Over the next several centuries, Fjordell Wyrns and priests altered historical texts to make it seem like Fjorden had always served Jaddeth with holy purpose.[2]

Modern Shu-Dereth[edit]

Once again, Arelon and Teod were the only two kingdoms in the known world who resisted Fjordell rule. This time, with the might of Jaddeth's holy calling behind it, Fjorden would prevail. Then, with all mankind united under Wyrn’s rule, Jaddeth could rise from His throne beneath the earth and reign in glorious majesty.

In the modern Derethi religion, he is often referred to as "Lord Jaddeth"; shortening his name to "Ja" is regarded as vulgar.[9][1] The Fjordell believe Jaddeth to be the only extant god, and consider him to be omnipotent; he is said to have created mankind and remains capable of granting miracles.[10][11][12] Svrakiss are thought to be the souls of the dead who wasted their chance to worship Jaddeth.[13]

Some of Jaddeth's original characteristics have remained despite the evolution in how he is worshipped, including the fact that he dwells underground rather than in the skies.[1] He is said to slumber in the earth, waiting for a time when the whole world worships him to return and rule the world.[8] This is cited as the justification for the Fjordell Empire's intent to conquer all of mankind. The "heathen" nations of Arelon and Teod that have historically used AonDor and resisted the Fjordell are seen as threats to the empire and Jaddeth's will.[9][12]

The Fjordell Wyrn acts as Jaddeth's prophet, and is the only Derethi that is said to directly serve and speak to him.[14] Each Wyrn issues proclamations that are said to be the actual words of Jaddeth.[8] Followers of Shu-Dereth adhere to a strictly organized hierarchy that technically serves Wyrn rather than Jaddeth himself.[15] They believe that Jaddeth rewards devotion in his followers, as well as ambition.[14][16][8]


  • Of the Shards on Sel, Jaddeth is more of Dominion than Devotion.[17]
  • In a deleted scene from Elantris, Hrathen refers to Jaddeth's "subterranean empire", reinforcing the Fjordell belief that Jaddeth lives underground.[18]
  • In an early idea for the Elantris sequel, the Derethi would claim that Jaddeth had awakened despite Fjorden's failure to capture Arelon and Teod.[19]


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