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Related to Shu-Dereth
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris
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Jaddeth is the name of the Derethi God. He is said to slumber in the earth, waiting for a time when the whole world worships him to return and rule the world. Wyrn acts as Jaddeth's prophet, and is the only Derethi said to directly speak to him.[1] Followers of Shu-Dereth believe that Jaddeth rewards devotion in his followers, as well as ambition.[1][2]

Jaddeth was originally a minor god that cared for the rocks under the earth.[3] He may be an idea related to the Shard Dominion.

In the Elantris sequel, the Derethi claim Jaddeth has awakened, despite having not conquered Arelon.[4]


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