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Teoish Royal Family
Spouse Jalla
Parents Daora, Kiin
Siblings Adien, Kaise, Daorn
Nationality Arelene
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Lukel is an Arelish merchant from Sel.

Appearance or Personality[edit]

He is of average Arelish height. He has a lean build and a strikingly handsome face.


He was born to Daora's previous marriage, though Kiin has adopted both Adien and him fully.

He met Jalla and studied with her at Svordish University. They married around a month before Sarene arrived and Raoden was taken by the Reod.[1] They are expecting their first child.

He is a remarkably good merchant, and close friends with Raoden. Raoden lamented the fact he wouldn't get to know Lukel's wife or children.[2]

Lukel was herded with the rest of the Arelenes from Kae into Elantris to be burned to death. He, Shuden, and the ladies that Sarene had been teaching to fence attempted a last stand against the Fjordell invaders.


He is the son of Daora and her previous husband, though Kiin acts as his father.

He is married to Jalla, whom he met in his studies at the Svordish University and who is now pregnant with his first child.[2]

He's good friends with Raoden, and considered him his best friend.[3]


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