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Lukel by King Oreo.png
Teo Royal Family
Spouse Jalla
Parents Daora, Kiin
Siblings Adien, Kaise, Daorn
Nationality Arelene
Homeworld Sel
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Elantris

Lukel is an Arelene merchant from Sel. He is Kiin´s stepson.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

With his half-siblings

Lukel is of average Arelene height with a lean build and a strikingly handsome hawkish face. His hair is parted in the center and flopped down on either side of his face.[1] He likes to wear customarily fashionable outfits, like a gold-embroidered blue vest and tan trousers.[2]

He has a good and loving relationship with his family.[1] Lukel likes to quip and constantly teases his family and friends.[3]

Lukel is a very good merchant; when he closes a good deal, he becomes proud, jovial and makes even more jokes.[4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

He is a remarkably good merchant; one of the most successful ones in the city which grants him open invitation to the court.[3]


Lukel is Daora´s son from a previous marriage. He and his full brother Adien were adopted by Kiin who takes full parental responsibility.[1]

He studied at Svordish University, where he met his future wife Jalla.[1]

He was part of Raoden’s group who opposed the King and his policies. After Raoden’s supposed death, he continued to participate in the meetings, but was disappointed to see a low participation rate . He shared this information with Sarene, who asked to join the meetings. He helped her have a seat in the meetings where he participated and suggested caution. He agreed with moving forward with planning.[5]

Lukel decided to see Sarene´s fencing lesson to the women of the court. As always, he teased her, but was an encouraging support for her.[6]

As part of the plans for changing Iadon’s policies, he follows closely the king’s income figures. He is the one to confirm that it was due to his earnings in Teod and some taxes that he barely made it. The plan was to have both countries allied and resist the gyorn named Hrathen who wanted to convert all Arelon´s people to Shu-Dereth.[4]

He continues with the group’s planning even after Iadon’s death, Sarene’s illness and unexplained recuperation, and the appointment of Telrii as the new king.[7]

When Raoden came back into Arelon, he immediately kneeled and recognized him as the legitimate king and accepted the plan to do the same in public.[8][9]

Daora and the children huddled in the basement under Lukel’s care when Dilaf first attacked.[10] They were later herded with the rest of the Arelenes from Kae into Elantris to be burned to death. At first he didn’t resist, hugging his family and knowing the were being taken to their death.[11]

As Shuden started his dance to fight, he took the leg of a table and hit his foe. He managed to fight and stay alive by running and hiding much. His aid came from Sarene´s fencing students. Still after some time, one of the soldiers hit a long gash on his thigh and didn’t bother to finish him off. Jalla pulled him in with the other captives and tried to stop the blood. Lukel was feeling hopeless when Raoden managed to restore Elantris. As soon as he noticed and realized it was true, he fainted.[12] He was healed by Raoden after the fight ended.[13]

In this fight, the regular guy surrounded by mages, heroes, and politicians gets to be a bit of a hero himself.[14]



Kiin is Lukel’s stepfather. Although they aren’t related through blood, Lukel says that Kiin is still his father and still responsible for him. Lukel also has a close relationship with his siblings, both from his biological father and Kiin.


He's good friends with Raoden, and considered him his best friend. Upon becoming Elantrian, Raoden lamented the fact he wouldn't get to know Lukel's wife or children.[15]

On the other side, Lukel referred to Raoden as “The greatest man I have ever known.”[3]


Lukel and Sarene become fond of each other fast. He enjoys teasing her including talking about her painting talents. [3] He was one of the first to explain politics in Arelon to Sarene; for example how lands were taken and servants were very close to becoming property or how Iadon got the throne. He got her into the meeting with Raoden’s most loyal followers. [3]


He met his Svordish wife Jalla at school and married her a month before Sarene’s arrival to Arelon.[1] She is a fierce bargainer and helps Lukel with his trades. He does acknowledge her as brilliant and beautiful.[3] He asked her to bargain when they were sent to Elantris claiming her Svordish blood, but she refused to leave them behind.[11]


Cousin, what did we ever do without you? Life was so boring before you decided to sail over and mess it all up for us.

—Lukel to Sarene on her yelling to Iadon[16]

You know, you could have left a scar. I had to go through an awful lot to get that wound—you should have seen how courageous I was. My grandchildren are going to be disappointed that I don’t have any scars to show them.

—Lukel to Raoden after he healed his leg wound[13]


  • Lukel doesn't really have much part in the plot, but he's always there to throw in a nice quip or two.[17]
  • Lukel isn't there simply to entertain the reader, he's there to show a different side of human reaction.[18]


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