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Aonic Royal Families
Spouse Kiin
Children Lukel, Adien, Kaise, Daorn
Titles Kimess
Residence Kae
Nationality Arelene
Homeworld Sel
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Elantris

Daora is an minor Arelene noble on Sel. She married Kiin after he settled in Arelon, making her a member of the Aonic Royal Families and Sarene's aunt. She is the mother of Lukel, Adien, Kaise, and Daorn.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Daora is a beautiful woman, and her age only makes her look more stately. She has statuesque features and auburn hair.[1] Although she is much shorter than the Teoish Sarene, she is presumably average height for an Arelene.[2] Her hair is well-styled and her makeup is subtly applied, yet striking. Her actions are exceptionally smooth and graceful, even while she is exerting herself.[3][4]

Daora has a kind, calm demeanor, and is both intelligent and observant.[3][4] She has a firm hand with her children, who love and respect her.[5] She is a good cook and highly skilled at embroidery. Sarene considers Daora to be the embodiment of aristocratic virtue; in fact, she regards Daora as maddeningly perfect, but quickly grows to enjoy her company.[3]


Daora's children (clockwise from top): Lukel, Adien, Daorn, and Kaise

Daora held the title of Kimess, indicating that she was a low-ranking member of the Arelene nobility.[6] She was married to an unnamed man in her youth and had two children, Lukel and Adien.[1] The marriage ended under unknown circumstances.

She met Kiin during the period that he was using the pseudonym Dreok Crushthroat. After a failed attempt to take the throne of Teod by force, he met and fell in love with Daora while recuperating in Arelon.[7] They soon had two children, Kaise and Daorn. Lukel and Adien were very close to Kiin; he adopted them[8] and they had father-son relationships.[1] Daora was aware of Kiin's history.[9]

About five years after the Reod, Adien was taken by the broken Shaod. Daora and Kiin were able to successfully hide his condition so that he would not be thrown into Elantris.[10]

Because of the rift in the Teo royal family, Sarene did not see Kiin for a decade, unaware that he was living in Arelon a short trip away from Teod.[4][1] She first met Daora and the children after she traveled to Arelon to marry Raoden; Kiin invited her to his house for dinner. She was surprised by Daora being a match for her boisterous uncle, but realized that Kiin had changed a great deal compared to the man she remembered from her youth.[1]

Daora was a member of member of Queen Eshen's embroidery group and was knowledgeable regarding the politics of the nobility.[5] She also participated in Sarene's fencing group.[11] At one point, Daora mistakenly believed that Sarene harbored a crush on Shuden; this confused Sarene since Daora was normally very perceptive.[4] However, Daora was actually picking up on Sarene's feelings towards 'Lord Spirit'.[12]

During the invasion of Arelon, Daora sheltered in the family's mansion with her children, with Lukel keeping guard.[9][13] The family survived the battle, and Adien became a restored Elantrian.[10]


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