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Teo Royal Family
Parents Kiin, Daora
Siblings Lukel, Kaise, Adien
Relatives Sarene, Teorn, Eventeo
Residence Kae
Nationality Arelene
Homeworld Sel
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Elantris

Daorn is an Arelene boy on Sel.

He is the son of Kiin and Daora, is the brother of Lukel, Kaise, and Adien, and is cousin to Sarene.

Lukel calls him and Kaise twins even though they aren't because they look and act so similarly. They are incredibly smart, and want to prove it.


Meeting Sarene[edit]

When Sarene arrived in Kae, her uncle Kiin introduced her to his children, her cousins Kaise and Daorn. Afterwards, they all sit down to eat JinDo food, which Daorn complains in a voice almost indistinguishable from his sister's that he hates the food because it is too spicy. Before they eat, Daorn is sent to fetch Adien, Lukel’s full brother.[1]

As they eat, Kaise complains that Sarene doesn’t look like a princess because she is so tall. Sarene explained that she is Teo, to which Daorn adds that their father is Teo, too. Their conversation continued as they talked, with Sarene struggling to use the MaiPon sticks. Daorn offered for her to use a spoon if she wanted, since that’s what Adien always did.[1]

After explaining the Reod to Sarene, Kiin and Daora explained that they couldn’t bring themselves to hire servants and they didn’t really need to considering how much they could get done on their own. Kiin smiled and said it was especially true when you had kids to do the dirty jobs. They joked that they had Daorn because they needed another couple of hands to help wash chamber pots. A short time later, Ashe appeared to Sarene and Daorn was shocked that she had a seon.[1]

Sibling Rivalry[edit]

Daorn (bottom) with his siblings

When Sarene joined them the next night for dinner, Daorn was noticeably trying to act more mature than his sister. The conversation was much different than the night before with Kaise attempting to sound educated and Daorn grumbling, telling her to stop showing off. He argued with her point, to which Kiin told them both to stop.[2]

Kaise scowled and sat back mumbling incoherently. Sarene asked what she was saying and Daorn informed her Kaise was cursing in JinDo. He confessed that she always does that when she loses an argument. They shared how many languages Kaise spoke and Sarene commented just how informed both Daorn and Kaise were. Lukel told her to not to be impressed as their tutors had been covering art history lately and they both had been trying to prove they can outdo the other.[2]

Kaise mumbled something else and Kiin asked her what she said. She admitted that if the prince had been there, he would have taken her side. Daorn told Kaise the prince was just sounding like he agreed with her, that it was called sarcasm. Kaise stuck her tongue out at her brother and said that the prince thought she was beautiful, that he loved her, and that he was waiting until she grew up to marry her. Daorn scowled and said he wouldn’t have married her, as he married Sarene. Kiin, seeing Sarene’s face fall, hushed both children.[2]

When Lukel and his wife, Jalla, left the dinner, Daorn made gagging sounds and told his father that he needed to speak with them. Kaise agreed, saying their dear brother’s mind had turned to mush. After her comment, Kaise continued to eat and Sarene began to listen to Adien. She realized one of the words he mumbled a lot sounded like Elantris and she asked Kiin about seeing the city. Kiin rubbed his chin and offered for the twins to show her Elantris. Daorn complained they hated that nickname, given to them by their brother Lukel, especially since they didn’t even look alike. Sarene agreed.[2]

The Visit to Elantris[edit]

Daorn and Kaise led Sarene to the walls of Elantris. They walked up the enormous set of stairs and as Sarene looked down at the ground below, Daorn pulled against the back of her dress, cautioning her not to get too close. She recovered and noticed a large gathering on the wall’s top a short distance away.[2]

She asked what it was and Daorn shrugged, not knowing. Kaise admitted the place was usually empty. Sarene said they should have a look. As they approached the group, they realized it was the gyorn. Kaise darted into the crowd, excited to see him. Daorn wanted to follow, but he remained beside Sarene like a dutiful guide. He didn’t have to worry, as Sarene wanted to get closer too.[2]

After Sarene challenged the gyorn, Hrathen, Kaise rejoined the pair, telling Sarene what she did was wonderful. Daorn admitted that he didn’t like Hrathen at all, saying he was too…hard. He asked Sarene if he knew she was acting stupid. Sarene told him probably, but there was no way to prove it. Daorn told her than Kiin said the gyorn is there to convert them all to Shu-Dereth. Sarene asked if he did and Daorn nodded.[2]

Daorn went on to say that Kiin was afraid that Hrathen would be successful because the hard times make people more willing to accept a man who preaches change. Sarene told Daorn that his father was a wise man.[2]

They eventually returned to their original reason for the visit and looked out over the city of Elantris. Kaise pointed out the people and said they were so sad, that no one took care of them. Sarene pointed out that someone must feed them, but Daorn countered that no one feeds them and there is nothing for them to eat.[2]


When Sarene taught the women fencing, Lukel showed up not wanting to miss the experience. Daorn and Kaise tagged along, with Daorn stealing Kaise’s chosen seat. Kaise got mad and stamped her foot, but she quickly realized that every chair along the wall was the same, so she chose another. Lukel apologized for them, but Daora just told him to be nice to his siblings.[3]

After the lesson, Sarene confessed that she was worried that she didn’t do a good job teaching the women fencing. Kaise piped in that she could have done better. She explained that Sarene didn’t teach them about riposting, Proper Form, or tournament rules. Sarene was surprised and Kaise admitted she read a book about it. She then reached over to slap away Daorn’s hand who was poking her with a stick he had taken from Sarene’s pile.[3]

Sarene confessed that Kaise must be the most intelligent little girl she’d ever met. Lukel admitted that while she is smart, Sarene shouldn’t let Kaise impress her too much. After all, she was still a child. Sarene said she was still astounding and Lukel agreed. However, he also admitted that he felt sorry for Daorn sometimes because he tries his best, but that he probably feels inadequate because Kaise can be so domineering. Sarene watched as Kaise chased Daorn around the room, having stolen the stick from him.[3]

The Elantrian Attack[edit]

After the Elantrian attack, Kaise blamed Daorn for getting sick and keeping her from getting to see the attack. Daora hushed the children, not wanting to upset Sarene, who had a trying day.[4]

The Dakhor Attack[edit]

When the monks of the Dakhor Monastery, led by Dilaf, attacked the city of Kae, Daorn, Kaise and Adien huddled in Kiin’s mansion with Lukel’s wife.[5] However, once Dliaf captured Sarene, he ordered the family to be taken with the rest of the accursed in Arelon to Elantris to be burned. As they were led through the city, Daorn and Kaise clinged to Lukel, terrified.[6]



Kaise is Daorn's sister. The two are often called twins by their half-brother Lukel, much to their dismay. The two are very competitive, with Kaise often trying to prove herself as more educated than Daorn. While Kaise tends to be more outspoken, Daorn tends to be more soft spoken. Lukel sometimes feels sorry for Daorn because Kaise tended to be more domineering, despite Daorn's best intentions to match his sister.


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