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Nationality JinDo
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Keseg taught of unity. But what did he mean? Unity of mind, as my people assume? Unity of love, as your priests claim? Or is it the unity of obedience, as the Derethi believe? In the end, I am left to ponder how mankind managed to complicate such a simple concept.

Shuden on Keshu's teachings[1]

Keshu, called Keseg by the Fjordell, was an elderly philosopher from JinDo on Sel. As a great teacher, he was given the honorific KeHwo.[2]

Keshu preached unity of all mankind, though the type of unity was unclear. It has been interpreted by various people to mean unity of mind, love, or obedience.[1] While his teachings were revolutionary, combining traditional JinDo concepts with the idea of god and organized religion, he did not consider himself such. He only wished to clarify previous JinDo beliefs. His two disciples Korath and Dereth collected his teachings in a book called the Do-Kando. The teachings within this book led to the creation of some of the most powerful Selish religions--Shu-Keseg, Shu-Korath, and Shu-Dereth.[2]


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