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World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Dereth is the founder of the Shu-Dereth religion.[1] Though his Fjordell name is more well-known in modern times, his original JinDo name is DeHwo.[2]

Dereth lived in JinDo anciently and studied as a disciple of Keseg along with Korath. Keseg taught Dereth and his other disciples about unity, founding the Shu-Keseg religion. When Dereth and Korath left JinDo to teach in the lands to the north, they interpreted his teachings differently, which led to the foundation of Shu-Dereth and Shu-Korath. Dereth took Keseg's teachings about unity to mean that people should be united through obedience.[1]

He presumably wrote the Do-Dereth, one of the holy books of Shu-Dereth, although over the years its text has been altered at least to include references to Jaddeth.[3][4][5]


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