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Sycla-Opelon Map.jpg
by Isaac Stewart
Ethnicity Fjordell
Capital Widor
Region Sycla (Opelon)
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Fjorden is a theocratic nation state on Sel.

While the first Fjordell empire had expanded through military might, the second had expanded through the mass conversion of other nations, on both occasions only the nations of Arelon and Teod resisted.

It was a fast-growing empire and, after the fall of Elantris, the most powerful nation on Sel all governed by the head of the church Wyrn.


The second Fjordell empire was governed by a militaristic theocracy, the national religion of Shu-Dereth commanded its followers to adhere to a rigid chain of command with with the leader of both the church and empire (who was believed to commune directly with their god, Jaddeth) at its head. This allowed each person in the empire to serve their god, although only the emperor Wryn could do so directly.[1]


Although no one of Fjordell heritage nor anyone residing in Fjorden may be taken by the Shaod they do have their own magic system, known only to the Derethi priests of the Dakhor Monastery which causes their bone to grow harder and twist into what are thought to be Fjordell symbols.[2] These symbols grant the Dhakor priests various powers, most of them battle related.


It is known that beings called skaze, similar to the seons although more malevolent in nature, have an interest in Fjordell and may directly influence Fjordell politics.[3]


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