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Nation JinDo
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

HaiKo is a city in JinDo on Sel. It is located in the northeast corner of JinDo, situated on a river and at the foot of a mountain range. It is on the eastern border with Fjorden and near the northern border with Duladel.[1] It is the only city marked on known maps of JinDo.

The city has a namesake dish cooked using lots of grease, as is common for JinDo food.[2] Kiin learned how to make the dish from a traveling merchant.[2] Kiin's version contains shrimp, and Lukel and Sarene find it delicious.[2]


  • In early editions of Elantris, a map of Arelon was published depicting HaiKo in the south of JinDo.[3] However, new maps were added in the tenth anniversary edition that superseded the original maps.


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