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Atad Mountains

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Atad Mountains
Type Mountains
Region Opelon
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

The Atad Mountains, known to the Fjordell as the Dathreki Mountains,[1] comprise a mountain range on the continent of Opelon on Sel.[2]

The mountains lie along the border of Arelon and Fjorden.[3] For many years, the Derethi were unable to invade Arelon due to the natural barrier afforded by the mountains, contributing to their hatred of the Arelene.[4]

The range is considered a major geographical feature of Arelon; the curvature of the mountains is mirrored in the right side of Aon Aon, the basic symbol of AonDor.[5]

Devotion's Perpendicularity is located in the northern end of the mountains, near Elantris and Kae.[6][7]


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