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Ethnicity JinDo
Region Opelon
World Sel
Universe Cosmere

Jaador is a nation on the continent of Opelon (Sycla) on Sel. It is a land-locked nation that borders JinDo to the west, Fjorden to the north, Hraggen and Hrovell to the east, and a large desert to the south.[1] A notable city named Kjaard lies on a river near the border with Fjorden.[1] Although Jaador's residents are ethnically JinDo,[2] the nation has been annexed by the Fjordell Empire and the official religion is therefore Shu-Dereth.[3]


Since Jaador's residents are ethnically JinDo, they presumably share the dark brown skin and fine features of JinDo residents.[2] Jaadorians are known for their food, and Jaadorian chefs are considered some of the best in the world.[4] Jaador also exports candy[5] and wine of a blue color.[6]

Jaador is the birthplace of a graceful light sword called a jedaver, known as a syre or kmeer in other nations.[7] The jedaver proved impractical for combat,[5] and was often used by the nobility for dueling.[7] It was later modified in Duladel for use as a fencing weapon,[7] and Jaadorians are considered to be second only to Dulas in fencing skill.[8]


JinDo is noted as being subsumed by the Fjordell Empire around one hundred years before the events of Elantris,[2] but it is not known when Jaador fell. Fjorden appears to have heavy fortifications along its border with Jaador.[1] The Fjorden gyorn Hrathen claims that Jaadorian citizens would be among those that would form a massive Fjordell army at Wyrn Wulfden the Fourth's command, although he knows that this is unlikely due to the power of the Derethi monasteries.[3]


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Sel has a "multitude" of magic systems that are powered by Investiture from the Dor.[9] These magic systems (such as AonDor and Forgery) are dependent on physical location,[9] along with heritage and birth location.[10][11] Although Jaador's origins are unknown, the fact that its residents are ethnically JinDo and the proximity of the two nations may hint that some Jaadorians would be able to use the power of ChayShan.


  • Early editions of Elantris included maps that showed Jaador in a slightly different orientation on the continent;[12][13] these maps were superseded by revised versions in the tenth anniversary edition.


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