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Ethnicity JinDo
World Sel
Featured In Elantris

Jaador was a nation under the domain of the Fjordell Empire located on the continent of Opelon[1] on Sel during the Late Era. The Jaadorians are ethnically JinDo, but religiously Derethi.[2]

Jaador had a standing army which was at Wyrn's disposal.[3] It was the birthplace of the syre or as they call it, jedavar,[4] a light sword initially used by scouts, but now in prevalent use in fencing.

The Jaadorian nobility used the syre often, it was valued for its delicacy and grace.[5] They were excellent at fencing, second only to the Dulas.[6]

Jaador was also known for its food, Jaadorian chefs were considered some of the best in the world.[7] Jaador also exported wine of a blue color.[8]


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