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Ethnicity Hraggish
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Hraggen is a nation under the dominion of the Fjordell Empire on the continent of Opelon during the Late Era.[1][2] The Hraggish has been under Fjorden's control for a long period of time, possibly because they were just to the southeast of Fjorden. Hraggen is a relatively small nation, adjacent to Jaador, Hrovell, and Geant.[1] Many of their words are in Fjordish, so it's likely that their ethnicity is Fjordell.

One city in Hraggen is Gmordsom, perhaps its capital.[1]


Hraggish chefs are excellent, well-known throughout Sel.


  • Kathari - A large pink fruit grown in Hraggen[3]
  • Weed soup - Very healthy, supposedly tastes awful[4]
  • Meat wraps - Served cold[5]


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