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Capital Velf
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Geant is a nation located on the continent of Opelon (also known as Sycla) on Sel. During the Late Era, it is under the domain of the Fjordell Empire.[1]

Geant lies at the eastern edge of the Fjordell Empire. It borders Svorden to the north, Fjorden to the northwest, Hraggen to the west, and Hrovell to the southwest. The eastern side of the country is coastal, and unclaimed desert lies to its south. A large river defines most of its northern and western border, and a second river crosses the southern part of the country.[1] Based on available maps, the largest city and presumed capital appears to be Velf, which lies on the northern river border with Svorden.[1]

Since Geant is part of the Fjordell Empire, the official religion is Shu-Dereth.[2] Unlike Svorden, Geant has not maintained a national identity; it no longer has its own language and the residents speak Fjordell.[2]


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