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House War - Terris Steward.png
by Abigail Platter
Capital Tathingdwen
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn (series)
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Terris is a state of Scadrial populated by Feruchemists before the Ascension of the Lord Ruler.[1]


When Alendi came to Terris to stop the Deepness from consuming the world, they took him up into the mountainous regions to seek the Well of Ascension.[2] When they arrived, Rashek betrayed and killed Alendi and took the power of the Well for himself.[3] After realizing that his Ascension had ruined the world, he set himself up as the protector of humanity, beginning the time of the Final Empire.[citation needed]

Realmatic theory was part of the ancient Terris religion.[4]

The Terris term for Preservation was "Terr" as it meant "to preserve" in their language.[5]

Final Empire[edit]

In the Final Empire, the remaining Terris people were selectively bred to reduce the Feruchemical abilities. A portion of the eunuch population was trained and employed as stewards. Stewards held an unusual place in the final empire, and were given the title 'Vaht'.[6]

After the Collapse[edit]

After the fall of the Lord Ruler, the Synod revealed themselves and started leading their people back into the ways before the Final Empire.[7]


After Ruin was released, he took control of the Steel Inquisitors and the Koloss. He sent some Inquisitors to the newly free Terris and slaughtered the Feruchemists.[8][9] The remaining people fled the mountains and headed towards the central dominance, away from the deadly mists. They settled at the Pits of Hathsin.


One-fifth of the Originators were Terris.[10]

With the Lord Ruler's Terris breeding program and laws against intermarriage ended, the Terris were no longer an entirely isolated population in post-Catacendre Scadrial. Feruchemical and Allomantic genes combined to allow for Twinborn who have both Allomancy and Feruchemy.

However, many Terris still maintained a culture of their own distinct from the majority of the society of the Basin. The Village is a major Terris enclave in Elendel.[11] A Terris Synod existed in the Village;[12] this Synod had no official control over other Terris enclaves, and would claim to have more authority than it actually possessed.[13]


The Terris people are recognized for their darker skin,[14][15][16] but it doesn't tend as dark as one would find on Roshar or Taldain.[17] They have more diversity in skin color than those of Central Dominance heritage.[15][17] They are also, notably, a rather tall people.[18]

Feruchemy is passed down through Terris bloodlines.



Many Terris people wish to stay isolated in order to maintain their cultural heritage.[17] In fact, many choose to marry among their own people instead of marrying those of other ethnicities.[10]


The tinningdar[12] is a common robe worn by the Terris people distinguished by a colorful overlapping V pattern down the front.[19][20] This pattern is often embroidered.[19] The tinningdar is often worn alongside a belt, and has long sleeves.[21] During the Final Empire, these were often known as "steward's robes."[22] During this era, the colors of the robe represent the colors of the House the steward serves.[19]

Other Terris forms of clothing are also known to be colorful[23], and often incorporate the traditonal V-pattern.[24]


The Terris language is known to have at least three gendered third-person pronouns, with at least one gender-neutral pronoun.[25][26][27]

  • Vaht:[6]
  • Terr: To Preserve[5]
  • Kredik Shaw: Hill of a Thousand Spires

It is common practice in the Terris language, and in Terris culture, to say "I think" often, as shown by Sazed.[28] They often also speak in complex compound sentences, and frequently hedging to indicate uncertainty. This avoidance of offending with language is a known Terris speech pattern.[29]

They have long vowels, and it is common for the first vowel in a name to be long.[30]

The Terris A is somewhere between harsh and soft.[31]


Little is known about Terris food, but it is likely similar to Mediterranean food and probably involves noodles.[32]


The capital of the Terris Dominance is Tathingdwen,[33][34] and there are also a lot of small villages across the Dominance.[35][34]

By 341 PC, the Terris live throughout the Elendel Basin, and within cities such as Elendel. These settlements, even the enclaves, have a degree of autonomy granted to them by the government, allowing the Terris to police themselves without the interference of the local constabulary. The Terris settlement in Elendel is known as the Village.[12]

Notable People[edit]

Notable Terrispeople and people with significant Terris heritage. For a complete list, see Category:Terris.


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