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Died 314, killed by Wax[1]
Abilities Coinshot & Brute twinborn
Residence The Village
Ethnicity Terris
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Bands of Mourning

Forch is a Terris youth living in The Village in Elendel on Scadrial during Waxillium Ladrian's youth.[1] A Twinborn, he is both a steel Misting (aka a Coinshot) and a pewter Ferring (aka a Brute). Forch is an arsonist and a kidnapper and is killed by Waxillium Ladrian. His interactions with the young Wax strongly influences Wax's later life, forcing him to leave the Village and pushing him further on his path to becoming a lawman.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

I've just got to see what's inside. You know?

—Forch on his obsession[1]

Forch is a tall young man in his late teens.[1] He almost never says anything and also rarely displays any sort of emotion. He has few friends of his own. Forch is a clever man though, capable of careful planning, such as establishing a false alibi in order to avoid being implicated in any of his crimes. He can be careless though, and may overlook small details that hint at his guilt. He is also highly disturbed, feeling no sense of remorse at horrific crimes. Forch has a fascination with both arson and violence. He has a curiosity about what the insides of people look like and is willing to commit crimes such as kidnapping and torture to see for himself. He also has no qualms about killing anyone who witnesses his crimes, and is unwilling to show any mercy to his victims.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Forch is a Twinborn, with access to both an Allomantic and a Feruchemical ability.[1] Forch is a Coinshot, which allows him to Push on metal objects. He is a strong Allomancer, able to challenge Wax in strength. Since Forch lives in the Village, he cannot make use of his Allomancy openly; he is restricted to using it privately and in emergency situations. Thus he is not very practiced in its use and can misjudge the force of his Pushes as well as how much he should brace himself. He also lacks finesse with Allomancy, making use of simple weapons like a metal bar used to crush his opponents. He is also a Brute which allows Forch to store strength in a pewtermind and tap it to grow stronger at a later time. Forch uses this typically in hand-to-hand fights, easily beating others with his enhanced strength. He also sometimes uses it with his Allomancy, throwing metal objects into places where he can conveniently Push on them.


Initial Arson[edit]

It is unknown when Forch began his life in the Village. Around the year 314, Forch began to commit arson in the Village.[1] He burnt down down the Terris dining lodge. Forch did not conceal his actions very well, and Waxillium Ladrian discovered a number of clues linking Forch to the arson, including flasks of oil in his bedside chest, clothing that smelled of smoke, and boots that matched footprints found at the arson. Waxillium told Elder Vwafendal and the other Terris elders about his suspicions, and they confronted Forch who seemed penitent. They assigned him a punishment, and believing him to be lonely, asked the other Terris youths to befriend him. Waxillium did not believe they punished Forch enough, and anonymously submitted his findings to the city constables.


About a month later, Forch planned to sneak out of the Village in the evening to drink with Telsin Ladrian, Idashwy, Kwashim, and Waxillium Ladrian.[1] Waxillium became nervous and did not accompany them, but Forch left with the others. While he was away, a constable visited the Village and attempted to convince Vwafendal to turn the arsonist over to him. Vwafendal refused and the constable left a bullet as a reminder of past violent crimes in the Village.

After Forch's companions became too drunk to notice his absence, he kidnapped a young child, sneaked back into the Village, carrying the boy in a sack on his shoulder.[1] His return was seen by Waxillium and who eventually decided to follow Forch. Forch went to an old dormitory which had been converted into a storage building. Forch carried the boy to a room on the third floor, where he gagged him, tied him to a table, and proceeded to cut him open with knives, planning to burn the building down when he was done. Forch saw Waxillium enter the building and ambushed him in a dark room. He was unable to prevent Wax from entering the room where he had been torturing the boy. Forch attacked Wax with his Metalborn abilities, Pushing Wax with a metal bar and then beating him with strength from his pewtermind. Forch picked Wax up and threw him out a window.

Forch returned to torturing the child, but Wax survived the fall by Pushing on the bullet he had taken from Vwafendal's office earlier.[1] Wax returned to the building to attack Forch. He Pushed the bullet at Forch's head. Forch Pushed on the bullet too, caught in a shoving match with Wax. Using his Feruchemy, Forch threw the metal bar at Wax, Pushing on it and crushing Wax against the wall. Just before being crushed to death, Wax managed to Push on the primer of the bullet caught between them, firing it and hitting Forch in the eye, killing him instantly.


Forch had a heavy impact on the future of the young Waxillium Ladrian.[1] Wax's investigation of Forch's crime was some of the earliest investigative work Wax did in his life, and showed his skill at analytical thinking and solving crimes. Forch's death at Waxillium's hand also caused a rift between Wax and the Village. Despite the monstrosity of Forch's crimes, the people of the Village resented Wax for bringing violence into their home. Wax left the Village shortly afterward, leaving the new life he had begun there behind.


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